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PT. Inatai Golden Furniture Industries has been in operation since 1988 with its headquarter in Jakarta, which is only about 6 kilometers from seaport.

We have about 1,500 employees, including some expatriates from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. We started with around 40 containers per month and over the years our company has kept on growing. We are now equipped with advanced wood working machineries from Italy, Germany and Taiwan, our production capacity is 200 x 40’ containers per month.

Inatai specializes in designing and manufacturing outdoor and indoor furniture. We have our own R&D department that creates over 800 items per year

We have also achieved the ISO-9001 certificate in 2000. The attainment of the prestigious ISO-9001 Certification by SGS in the new millennium marks another milestone for the company’s on-going commitments to quality and services to our valued customers.


Indoors : rubberwood and pine

  • Rubberwood
    This light hardwood has pale cream color with straight to shallowly interlocked grain and moderate coarse but even texture. It is popular for furniture as well as panelling and flooring.

  • Pine ( FSC Available )
    Pine is another kind of light wood widely used for indoor furniture. It has pale yellow color and has wood knots which sometimes is preferred due to its distinguished feature.

Outdoors: nyatoh, teak and balau

  • Nyatoh
    It is called Indonesian red wood. The heartwood is deep pink red or light brown with straight to shallow interlocked and sometimes wavy grain. This moderately durable wood has medium fine texture which is slightly coarse and even. This kind of wood is popularly used for furniture.

  • Balau
    It is a kind of heavy hardwood. It is very durable and suitable for heavy duty furniture, flooring adn even for heavy and medium construction such as: railway sleeper and tranmission post.

  • Teak
    It has a naturally high oil (wax) content which makes it both stable and resistant to rot when exposed - over many years - to extreme summer and winter. For several centuries these special qualities have made teak wood preferred for marine decking and shipyard construction. Today, it is still the premium timber for outdoor furniture.

FSC timbers :

We already certified by SGS in 2000 years to be the qualified manufacturer for FSC timber in Indonesia. We can produce any kind of FSC timber based on the inquiry of customers. The current available FSC timbers at our factory now are : Eucalyptus and Roble wood.